Bandari College

ICT services enable smooth operations of Bandari College business processes by enhancing the core functions of teaching and learning, research and innovation through application of modern ICT resources and services delivery to staff (teaching and non-teaching), students, academia and the society.

The main objectives of ICT services are:

  • To enhance learning and teaching methodologies by using modern library services, computer laboratory and teaching facilities.
  • To provide ICT support services such as internet connection, wireless and wire connections, email, printing, scanning, photocopy and students ID generation.
  • To present application systems (Students Information Management System, Website etc) that will be used to simplify Bandari College processes and advertise the institution.


Available Services:

  • Application Systems i.e Online Application System (OAS), Students Information Management System (SIMS).
  • Website
  • Email
  • Stationery (Printing, Scanning and Photocopy)
  • Simulator
  • Students ID Cards Generation
  • Computer Laboratory