Bandari College

Consultancy and Research at Bandari College is “A way of life” to college members and the college as a whole. Consultancy and research go hand in hand along with teaching in the college. This also enriches practical knowledge for our instructors to take it to class rooms while teaching. 

Bandari College has got college members who are not only qualified in terms of their specialization in various fields but many of them have diverse industry backgrounds as of part of their professional experience apart from academics. This in fact helps Bandari College to focus on consultancy across industries and cross functional areas of business.  Bandari College is always focused on value addition to their customers in all their consultancy assignments and our clients do appreciate and support our endeavor for a mutual benefit of both.  Bandari College always works closely as a partner in achieving goals of the customer in the consultancy assignments awarded to them. 


Key Areas of Competence: