Bandari College
Forklift Operator (6 Weeks). Reach stacker Operator (6 Weeks).
Mobile Crane (6 Weeks). Basic Rigging and Lifting (6 Weeks).
Human Resource Management Training (3 Weeks). Terminal Tractor (6 Weeks).
Front End Loader Operator (6 Weeks) Hydraulic and Pneumatic System (4 Weeks)
Small Craft Operator (6 Weeks) Flow Meter Control (3 Weeks)
Customer Care/Customer Service (2 Weeks) General Supervisory Management (4 Weeks)
Port Operations Supervisory Courses (4 Weeks) Mechanical Equipment (ME) Supervisor (4 Weeks)
Cargo Foremen Course (4 Weeks) Industrial Safety (4 Weeks)
Crane Electrical Maintenance (6 Weeks) High Voltage Equipment Maintenance and Safety (4 Weeks)
Professional Certificate in Freight Clearing and Forwarding (10 Weeks) Ports Operation Clerk C (10 Weeks)
Ports Operation Clerk B (10 Weeks) Ports Operation Clerk A (10 Weeks)
Competence Certificate in Port Operations and Cargo Tallying (10 Weeks) Mobile Habour Crane (Gottwald) (6 Weeks)
Fire and Safety (4 Weeks)